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Good for You Clothing from Oregon’s Tinctoria Designs

Tinctoria Designs was created by Samantha Backer and Jill Golden in the Spring of 2003. All of Tinctoria’s garments are the duos original designs and are “intentionally manufactured” in Portland, Oregon using only organic fabric blends including hemp, soy, and organic cotton and Botanical Colors’ natural dyes. Both Sandy and Jill use organic fibers to […]

Nankeen Textile Dyeing with LuRu Home

LuRu Home brings a contemporary edge to a traditional craft by working with several of the remaining Chinese families using the Nankeen textile dyeing technique to create beautiful home decor pieces. What is Nankeen and how do they keep this craft alive you ask? Well, read on! Nankeen is a technique used to dye cotton and […]

These Natural Dyers are ‘Better Than Google’

“THEY are the duo described by their admirers as ‘better than Google.’ Revered for their incredible fine motor skills, Olive Edyvean and Margaret Belling are two of the longest serving members of the Handweavers and Spinners Guild of Wagga. Olive joined the guild when the club was in its infancy, attending her first meeting in […]

INTERVIEW: Donna Hardy of Sea Island Indigo

272 years after the first successful indigo crop was planted in the Carolina colonies, Donna Hardy of Sea Island Indigo got an idea to research and track down the original strain of indigo plants that were grown in colonial Charleston. Her research and persistence located a few remaining varieties in isolated areas that had been […]

The Hues of the Red, White & Blue

“Every Memorial Day and July 4th millions of Americans get into the celebratory spirit, decking our homes and even ourselves in red, white, and blue. But why is the American flag red, white and blue rather than green, yellow and blue? When the Continental Congress adopted the American flag in 1777, to celebrate our country’s […]

Studio Time with Brooklyn’s Dogwood Dyer

Studio time is always inspiring and we were more than happy to welcome Liz Spencer of The Dogwood Dyer from Brooklyn a few weeks ago. Liz creates hand made accessories and garments from ethically sourced fibers and dyestuffs from the country and along roadsides surrounding New York City. She also grows some of her dyes […]

Social Change Through Indigo, Shibori and EILEEN FISHER

This past weekend we had the pleasure of collaborating with EILEEN FISHER’S GREEN EILEEN team at a workshop in Seattle at the Hillman City Collaboratory. The Collaboratory is a center for the arts and an incubator for social change with a mission to create a space of transformation including the built environment and the programming […]