New Dye Journal In Bay Area An Impressive Collective of Natural Dyers

What a fantastic new dye journal by PlantsPeople, based out of the Bay area and totally readable online. Contact Deepa Preeti Natarajan, founder of PlantsPeople if you’d like a hard copy otherwise read here. Including the brilliant minds of Rebecca Burgess of Fibershed​, Sasha Duerr of the Permacouture Institute, ​Kristine Vejar of A Verb for […]

mushroom dyeing

Mushrooms As A Source For Color

The North American Mycological Association writes: “In the early 1970’s Miriam Rice, a fiber arts teacher from Mendocino, California, discovered that many species of wild mushrooms were a source of pigments or colors. These pigments could be extracted fairly easily in hot water and used to dye natural fibers, especially wool. With the help of […]