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Woad Workshop and Master Class with Denise Lambert

Join us for a very special workshop this Fall in Seattle! Learn the ancient art of Woad dyeing from master dyer Denise Simeon Lambert, founder of Bleu de Lectoure in southwest France. Denise’s passion for traditional French Blue revitalized woad dyeing and cultivation in France and brought back the medieval techniques of the traditional woad […]

Madison Wool and Wildwood Farm Host a Natural Dye Weekend

We had so much fun this past weekend in Madison, Connecticut at Madison Wool and Wildwood Farm’s natural dye weekend! Participants had their own personal natural dye journeys using both the classical, historical dyes and some surprising new ones (think walnut sludge and pokeberries).  We also worked with some of Botanical  Colors’ ancient raw dyestuffs […]

EILEEN FISHER’s GREEN EILEEN Turns to Natural Dyes (That Means Us!)

GREEN EILEEN is an initiative of the EILEEN FISHER COMMUNITY FOUNDATION, a non-profit organization that supports systematic changes that positively impact women and girls around the world. The branch is a recycled clothing program that extends the life of timeless EILEEN FISHER garments which are re-sold at both the Seattle and Irvington, New York GREEN […]

DIY: Indigo Dye with Cara Marie Piazza

Our good friend and Botanical Colors customer, textile artist Cara Marie Piazza, was recently featured in Gardenista using our rich indigo. Writer Sophia Moreno-Bunge caught up with Cara in her studio and wrote: “Indigo is an ancient color, a natural dye extracted from a plant of the same name, and the only true blue dye […]

Dye Your Own Power Panties

Who doesn’t need a little confidence booster every now and then? Brighten up your underthings with cochineal, lac and Quebracho and dye yourself a new set of Power Panties! Materials Any natural fiber underthings – socks, camisoles or panties.  Look for 100% cotton, Modal, Tencel, silk or bamboo fiber content. Fiber blends like wool/cotton or […]

Twelve Days of Color

  This year, we chose twelve natural dye colors as our countdown to Christmas Day and received a number of requests to list them all in one place.  The original post is linked to the dye name so click in order to see the information. Have as much fun with them as we did! Day […]

Embracing The Color That Is All Around You

It’s in the leaves of the trees and the soft bodies of bees. It’s on the edges of morning sky and the depths of dark forests that you run through at night… Color. We can’t get enough of it here and when we’re not appreciating it first-hand in our daily lives, well, we’re pinning it […]

Titania Inglis S/S 14 Takes Natural Dyes to New Levels

Last week at New York Fashion Week, Botanical Colors customer Titania Inglis, showcased her collection “Tessellation,” at the Standard hotel in Manhattan. For her S/S 14 collection, Inglis says she was particularly inspired by both the Danish-Icelandic installation artist Olafur Eliasson and renowned American architect and futurist Bucky Fuller. Botanical Colors was at the show […]