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Recipe! Food Waste, Indigo and Natural Dyeing With Cara Piazza

This past Saturday I taught a natural dye workshop in the backyard of my friend’s Cyd and Neal’s vintage store – The Grand Street Bakery. A vintage store set in a converted old bakery, fully equipped with awesome vintage threads hanging on repurposed baking racks, stocked with natural apothecary, magazines and generally some of the […]

This Weekend at Tolt, a Natural Dye Workshop on Gathering Color!

This class teaches the basics of dyeing with traditional raw, natural dyestuffs from ancient times, including madder roots, cochineal, walnut and osage sawdust. Students will also receive a handout with information about common local dye plants plus recipes and procedures for naturally dyeing at home. All yarn will be provided and students will leave class […]

Tezukuri on Japanese Indigo Master Noguchi San

“Last Monday was a very special day. Bryan [Whitehead] showed us the way to meet one of Japan’s indigo masters, Noguchi san. It is there, at his workshop in Hachioji, were  he has been creating textiles all his life.  Apparently his studio hasn’t changed much over the years, they moved in after the big Kantō earthquake […]

Gamma Folk’s Lily Piyathaisere on Natural Dyes, Boy Scouts and Brooklyn

We always love seeing how Botanical Colors can be applied to so many different mediums through the hands of talented artists. Brooklyn-based Lily Piyathaisere of Gamma Folk is new to our natural dye family and we are pretty crazy about her jewelry. Lily says her vision is to “combine traditional techniques with thoughtful, statement jewelry. […]

Kathrin Von Rechenberg’s Tea Silk a Well-Preserved Gem

“Tea silk considered one of the most well-preserved gems in Chinese silk craftsmanship. Originating from the Ming Dynasty, this fabric was once considered the most luxurious silk. The ’30s became the gilded age for xiangyunsha (the Chinese name for tea silk, also called langchou)—more expensive than gold, it was among the most desired goods by […]