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Natural vs. Synthetic Dyes: The (Ill-Informed) Battle Continues

  Botanical Colors founder Kathy Hattori recently commented on an article titled “Mordant Madness!” on Buxton, Maine based Lana Plantae responding to a discussion about a person posting on a “social media page devoted to fiber arts,” that they were “attacked” by natural dyers at a fiber event because their wool was colored with synthetic […]

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New Class and Workshop in NYC at the Brooklyn Fashion+Design Accelerator!

Textile Tuesday, June 3, 2015, 4-6 pm The ability to design and manufacture an organic and naturally dyed clothing collection in the U.S. is now within reach.  Learn how to use sustainable fabrics, natural dyes and textile manufacturing to design and create a sustainable collection. Botanical Colors, will present the options and services available to […]