Used by permission from photographer Bobby Bonaparte

On Makers Row: 8 Frequently Asked Questions About Natural Colors and Dyes

(Previously published on Makers Row) What are natural dyes? Natural dyes are textile colorants that are derived from plants, insects and other natural materials. They are steeped in history, mystery and lore and each culture has its own set of prized colors, traditions and meanings. Prior to the mid-19th century, all dyes were from the […]


2016 Botanical Colors Classes & Workshops!

Keep these dates in mind for natural dye classes with Botanical Colors. We are setting up the registration process and will open for registration on Monday, April 25th. You can register directly with FisherFolk and Madison Wool by contacting them through their websites. June 25 through July 3rd, FisherFolk Fiber Retreat in Cordova Alaska FisherFolk […]