New! Natural Dye Extract Kit


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Product Description

Our renowned natural dye extracts plus alum and cream of tartar. The perfect starter kit for those who want to try an easy introduction to natural dyes. Each extract is in a concentrated, easy to mix powder or liquid and comes with complete instructions. The kit will dye approximately 2-4 pounds of natural fibers. The kit includes
* cochineal
* logwood
* cutch
* fustic
* Saxon Blue
* Alum and cream of Tartar
The kit comes wrapped in a cochineal and logwood dyed shibori furoshiki. Works best on protein fibers such as wool and silk fibers.

What is a furoshiki and how do you pronounce it?  A furoshiki (pronounced similar to piroshky, just slam all those vowels together) is a square wrapping cloth used in Japan.  You can turn it into an instant handbag, giftwrap, a lunchbag and even wrap a bottle of wine with it.   Most furoshiki are about 30 inches square and printed with traditional Japanese decorative motifs.  Use your dye kit furoshiki to carry a snack or incorporate it into your textile art.