Back in Stock – Whole Madder Root



Product Description

Whole Madder Root – First quality roots from Rubia tinctorum make dyeing with this ancient dye easy. Our madder is grown in the traditional madder producing regions of the world and yields a beautiful deep yellow-based red. We like to soak the roots, grind or pulverize, then add fiber and simmer at low temperatures to develop the deep rich color. We use 100% on the weight of the goods for deepest cranberry to garnet shades. A small amount of Citric Acid and Calcium Carbonate allow you to get the richest shades from our madder roots. Don’t throw away the spent roots.  It may be used in eco printing or for fermentation indigo vats after it has been used in the dye bath.

  • 100 grams of madder root will dye 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of fiber to its darkest shade with multiple exhaust dyebaths for additional colors.
  • Note: This product will be back in stock on December 2 and will ship after that date.

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