Naturally dyed wool skeins

There’s a whole new range of colors that I am getting from the Aquarelle liquid natural dyes.  Brilliant madder red, rust, olive green, a lovely soft pink, periwinkle and a whole host of blue shades that are soft and inviting.


Persian Tile copy


Persian Tile: 15-20% Aluminum Sulfate, 8% Liquid Indigo/Saxon Blue




Cornflower copy


Cornflower Blue:  15-20% Aluminum Sulfate, 5% Liquid Indigo/Saxon Blue, 5% Liquid Lac



Madder dyed skeins

Flame: 10% VegePlus Bright, 10% Liquid Madder, 3% Cream of Tartar


Slate Blue copy


Slate Blue:  15-20% Aluminum Sulfate, 5% Liquid Indigo/Saxon Blue, 3% Liquid Lac


Muted Raspberry copy


Muted Raspberry: 5-20% Aluminum Sulfate, 15% Liquid Lac,


Cocobolo copy


Cocobolo:  10% Liquid Pomegranate, 10% Liquid Lac, 0.5% Dissolved Iron