Handwoven Cotton and Muga Silk Shawl

Fair Trade handwoven shawls

This is a wonderfully toothy handwoven shawl decorated with a traditional pattern of wild Muga silk from Assam, located in the northeastern part of India.  This area boasts both the prized golden Muga and Eri (“peace silk”) cultivation and  Muga is known for its glossy fine texture and durability and a distinctive deep golden brown color.

The ends of the shawl have a geometric Muga inlay pattern and it makes a versatile wrap or can function as a beautiful natural tabletop runner.  I saw a very similar piece at Terrain by Anthropologie outside of Philadelphia which was lightly overdyed with vatted indigo.  It was stunning.  Other color ideas include immersion dyeing in cutch extract or wearing it au naturel to let the beautiful Muga design really show off.

The shawl measures 67×22 inches (170x55cm) and is 40% silk, 60% cotton.  The Muga silk is handspun and the cotton lends texture and heft to this wonderful piece.