RSVP FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Seaweed Sculptor Jeannet Leendertse

Next week, December 3rd, 9am Pacific/noon eastern on FEEDBACK FRIDAY, we have Maine-based Seaweed Sculptor Jeannet Leendertse. Jeannet uses seaweed to create structural forms inspired by the rugged coast of Maine’s landscape. Natural colors from the seaweed take front and center as does a closer look at carbon sequestration and our oceans.

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About Jeannet:

“Born in The Netherlands, I spent much of my childhood crafting with fabric, using my grandmother’s hand-crank sewing machine. I chose to study graphic design, and at 27 left for New York in search of an internship. After completing my degree cum laude, I moved to the Boston area and became an award-winning book designer. Several years ago I turned my focus again to textiles.

I grew up on the coast in the province of Zeeland [Sea-land], and discovering The Blue Hill Peninsula of Maine felt in many ways like coming home. Even though the landscape is different, the smells, sounds, and wildlife are familiar. As I started spending large parts of the year in this incredible area, my Shibori and knit work evolved to echo its ancient landscape and marine life.

Have you read Seaweed Re-Search by Studio Nienke Hoogvliet?

As an immigrant, my Dutch culture and heritage are always with me, while I continue to make this new environment my home. Adaptation and reflection are ongoing. My fiber process brings these outer and inner worlds together.

As a crafts person, I feel a strong responsibility to consider my materials, and what my creative process will leave behind. This past year I started foraging seaweed—in particular Rockweed—to work with. I discovered the amazing benefits this natural resource provides. Seaweed not only creates a habitat for countless species, it sequesters carbon, and protects our shoreline as our sea levels are rising.

My work grows from coastal impressions and material experimentation. It takes on a new life when moved out of the studio and placed back in its natural environment. It is this feedback that keeps me going.”

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