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Video From Live FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Mushrooms + Textile Design With Ximena Curiel

By Amy DuFault | August 16, 2022

last week on FEEDBACK FRIDAY, we welcomed Ximena Curiel who told us a personal story about her path as an artist and all about her exciting work with mushrooms and textile design! Ximena Curiel is a Product designer with a MSc in Biomimicry currently performing field and laboratory research on fungal pigments. Ximena says since […]

Video From FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Social Artist + Activist Ellie Irons

By Amy DuFault | July 30, 2022

Last week on FEEDBACK FRIDAY, July 29th, 9am Pacific, Noon Eastern, we welcomed socially engaged artist and educator Ellie Irons. Ellie talked about her Feral and Invasive Pigments project, a public fieldwork, writing, and studio-based project that revolves around making watercolor paint from the leaves, petals, and berries of the spontaneous plant beings (aka weeds) […]

Video From FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Maibe Maroccolo of Matricaria Maps Brazilian Dye Plants

By Amy DuFault | July 11, 2022

Last week, we welcomed Brazil-based artist and educator Maibe Maroccolo of Matricaria who is mapping Brazil’s dye plants. Maibe’s most recent work has been focused on mapping and sharing both the wisdom of plants from Brazil and preserving the traditional methods of their uses. Her mapping project has become official as the Research Project of […]

How To: The Mason Jar Method for Solar Dyeing

By Amy DuFault | July 6, 2022

We’ve put together this easy Mason jar method for solar dyeing! Use these tips all summer long for a fun, energy and water-saving way to create color! The jars featured here are filled with our fruitwood chips (apple, cherry and peach) and on sale until next week! Equipment and ingredients for the Mason jar method […]


By Amy DuFault | June 26, 2022

Last week was our 100th episode of FEEDBACK FRIDAY and we welcomed Rome-based, Czech-American artist Marta Abbott. Marta uses “organic, botanical materials to extract and convey that which she finds essential to the human experience of nature and beauty. Marta does this through combing concept with intuition, elements of control with those of contained chaos, […]

Celebrate Juneteenth Through The Stories of 8 Black Natural Dye Artists

By Amy DuFault | June 20, 2022

This year, as we celebrate and honor the (now federally recognized) Juneteenth holiday, we look back on the stories eight black, natural dye artists have shared with us. As we all continue to learn and grow from these stories, we urge you to reach out within your regional natural dye and fiber communities to usher […]

Construction Techniques with Aboubakar Fofana: Create a Pair of Stripcloth Trousers

Video From Aboubakar Fofana (LIVE) Bamako Studio Tour!

By Amy DuFault | June 11, 2022

Last week on FEEDBACK FRIDAY, we welcomed back Malian artist, educator, indigo farmer and friend, Aboubakar Fofana. Aboubakar took us for a live tour of his Bamako studio where we saw him harvest indigo, do some indigo dyeing,  got to meet his artisans and see all the amazingness that is Aboubakar on his home turf. […]


By Amy DuFault | June 8, 2022

Last week on FEEDBACK FRIDAY, we had the amazing, thoughtful, community building, textile whisperer, Zak Foster of Zak Foster Quilts. Raised in rural North Carolina and now living in Brooklyn, New York, Zak is a self-taught artist whose work draws on Southern textile traditions while incorporating found fabrics and natural dyes with an eye for […]

Create Your Natural Dye Garden As Easy As 1-2-3!

By Milisa Moses | May 23, 2022

You can totally create your natural dye garden as easy as 1-2-3 with tried and true dye plants that will keep giving all summer. It’s spring on Cape Cod. Catbirds, orioles, and osprey have returned and bees hover in the flowers of my rosemary shrub. The seeds I started in winter have now grown up, […]

Video From FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Masagana Flower Farm & Studio

By Amy DuFault | May 23, 2022

Last week on FEEDBACK FRIDAY, we had Manitoba, Canada based Lourdes Still talking about the Masagana Flower Farm & Studio. According to Here’s How It’s Done: First-hand Stories From Enterprising Women In Manitoba, “Lourdes Still is the first to admit it’s a winding road that landed her in business. She’s gone from big-city living in […]