• Dyeing For Dummies: The Mysteries of Walnut Hull Powder

    Working for a natural dye guru can give a social media director and consultant (that’s me) an inferiority complex. In fact, when people ask me who I work for and I tell them, Kathy Hattori, a “natural dye guru,” and they say “Oh, you must be really good at dyeing,” all I can do is […]

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  • Madison Wool and Wildwood Farm Host a Natural Dye Weekend

    We had so much fun this past weekend in Madison, Connecticut at Madison Wool and Wildwood Farm’s natural dye weekend! Participants had their own personal natural dye journeys using both the classical, historical dyes and some surprising new ones (think walnut sludge and pokeberries).  We also worked with some of Botanical  Colors’ ancient raw dyestuffs […]

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  • EILEEN FISHER’s GREEN EILEEN Turns to Natural Dyes (That Means Us!)

    GREEN EILEEN is an initiative of the EILEEN FISHER COMMUNITY FOUNDATION, a non-profit organization that supports systematic changes that positively impact women and girls around the world. The branch is a recycled clothing program that extends the life of timeless EILEEN FISHER garments which are re-sold at both the Seattle and Irvington, New York GREEN […]

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  • DIY: Indigo Dye with Cara Marie Piazza

    Our good friend and Botanical Colors customer, textile artist Cara Marie Piazza, was recently featured in Gardenista using our rich indigo. Writer Sophia Moreno-Bunge caught up with Cara in her studio and wrote: “Indigo is an ancient color, a natural dye extracted from a plant of the same name, and the only true blue dye […]

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  • Power Panties Rule

    It’s so easy to brighten up your underthings with lush natural dye colors like cochineal, lac and madder. Materials Any natural fiber underthings – socks, camisoles or panties.  Look for 100% cotton, Modal, Tencel, silk or bamboo fiber content. Fiber blends like wool/cotton or silk/cotton or nylon also work well.  Microfiber, polyester and acrylic will […]

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  • Twelve Days of Color

      This year, we chose twelve natural dye colors as our countdown to Christmas Day and received a number of requests to list them all in one place.  The original post is linked to the dye name so click in order to see the information. Have as much fun with them as we did! Day […]

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  • Titania Inglis S/S 14 Takes Natural Dyes to New Levels

    Last week at New York Fashion Week, Botanical Colors customer Titania Inglis, showcased her collection “Tessellation,” at the Standard hotel in Manhattan. For her S/S 14 collection, Inglis says she was particularly inspired by both the Danish-Icelandic installation artist Olafur Eliasson and renowned American architect and futurist Bucky Fuller. Botanical Colors was at the show […]

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  • Book Review: In Search of the Perfect Green – and Orange, Too!

    In 1997, Stefania Isaacson opened her business, Handspun by Stefania and quickly realized she needed to learn how to dye fibers to create beautiful colors for her yarn.  She discovered natural dyes and began to concoct unusual and striking combinations of spinning fibers and hand spun yarns. Now after many years she has written a [...] Continue Reading
  • Interview: Appalatch Apparel Sees Natural Dyes As An Ethical & Environmental Bonus

    We are so excited to announce our recent collaboration with Appalatch Clothing. Appalatch told us, "One glaring place that we would love to improve upon is the use of natural instead of synthetic dyes which we know is more toxic to people and the environment. Unfortunately, we haven't found an American industrial dye house that [...] Continue Reading
  • Clothing to Dye For: The Guardian Features Botanical Colors

    It's no surprise that the fashion industry is coming under close scrutiny for damage done to our most precious resource: water. According to an article in Treehugger, a single mill in China can use 200 tons of water for each ton of fabric it dyes; many rivers run with the colors of the season as [...] Continue Reading