Designers and Artisans

Wholesale inquiries

We welcome new wholesale customers: indie dyers, artisans, craft and textile supply stores and online sellers. As a Botanical Colors wholesale customer, you receive personalized support and guidance for the dyes that you purchase from us. We create new color recipes, techniques and share hints and tips and are available to speak or lead workshops for your guild, shop or event. Please contact us for details about our wholesale program.

Production Services

If you are a small or large brand looking to add natural dyes to your collection, we would be happy to discuss your needs. Feel free to get in touch.

We specialize in natural dyes derived from plants, roots, bark and other natural materials that are GOTS (organically) certified. We are partnered with US-based dye houses that provide yarn, garment and short length piece dyeing scalable from small to high volume runs. The colors are earthy, brilliant, and non-toxic and meet standard light and wash tests.

Our capabilities include:

  • Custom natural dye production in scalable volumes and multiple formats including skein, garment and short length fabric dyeing
  • Custom dye patterning, shibori, tie dye and special effects
  • Color development and match to your standard
  • Prototypes and samples
  • Natural organic, plant-based indigo dipping

Job Opportunities

We’re hiring! We’re looking for a Studio Operations Assistant and Dye Studio Assistant. Email resume and cover letter to [email protected]

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