Accidental Indigo

I grew indigo this year.  Well, truthfully, the indigo grew itself.  The most successful plant is a volunteer that established itself in the garlic bed and has spread so much that it  is threatening to overtake the front walkway.  It’s bloomed and I am hoping I can gather some seeds from it.  The first batch of indigo seedlings I raised were a failure because I went on a trip and forgot to water them.  The second batch was for a demonstration at Seattle Tilth’s Harvest Festival yesterday and in my rush to get out the door, I forgot them on the front doorstep where I had lined them up so I wouldn’t forget them.

I get my seeds from Elizabeth Anonymous in Port Townsend and they arrived in a beautifully decorated seed packet.  She supplies seeds and information for growing and using your own indigo.  I am hoping for a small harvest to try the fresh leaf indigo method to get some stunning turquoise colors that are difficult to obtain with other types of indigo.