The Fine Art of Making Scissors

A good pair of scissors is a must for any craftsperson and a fine pair of handmade scissors is a very special pleasure.  No wonder we keep them safely tucked away and bring them out only for those times when we are mending or stitching.

When I visited Paris in the early 1990’s, I was seeking a shop that specialized in fine needle arts tools.  Although there were a number of antique dealers with beautiful old sewing collections, I could not locate a sewing supply that carried wonderful professional quality  scissors.  Luckily, Sajou has revitalized the art of handmade scissors with a series of embroidery scissors that are the specialty of a workshop in northern France.  These scissors are a joy to use – lightweight and extremely sharp.  The handles are imitation tortoiseshell, veined ivory or mother of pearl fashioned in the ornate style of Charles X and the blades are marked with a number and kept as a pair for the entire construction process so that they fit perfectly.  When you open the blades, you can see the tiny stamped number marking them as a pair from “birth”.

Sajou embroidery scissors are available in tortoiseshell, veined ivory and mother of pearl.