Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for your creative friend, relative or (cough) you??

We’ve got you covered this holiday season. 

Our Natural Dye Extract kit is the perfect starter kit for those who want to try an easy introduction to natural dyes. Each extract is in a concentrated, easy to mix powder or liquid and comes with complete instructions. The dyes may be used straight or mixed together for an endless rainbow of beautiful shades. The kit will dye approximately 2-4 pounds of natural fibers, which is enough for a couple of sweaters, a scarf and a hat! 

Interested in working with raw natural dyestuffs? The Raw Natural Dyestuffs kit is packed with exotic dyes. If you ever wanted to know what osage dyewood looks like, or how to extract the potent coloring from cochineal, this kit is for you. The kit will dye approximately 2-4 pounds of fiber and comes with complete instructions.

Our Indigo Shibori Kit features enough indigo to dye about a dozen cotton socks, or 6 tee shirts. Each kit comes complete with indigo, fruit sugar, food grade pickling lime and a pair of gloves. We also include rubber bands, string and pebbles to make your own unique designs.

Or for those who are interested in working with liquid dyes we have the Aquarelle Liquid Natural Dye kit. Botanical Colors Liquid Natural Dyes are the classic dyes in a liquid form. No need to dissolve a powder in water – just shake the bottle and measure. Our sampler kit gives you a “taste” of the most popular colors plus easy to use instructions.

 We’ve got everything one needs to make a beautiful Indigo vat this winter season!

Purchase some Indigo ExtractFructose, and Calcium Hydroxide to gift everything they’ll need to use Michael Garcia’s 1-2-3 Indigo Vat recipe.

Or if you’d like to gift one of our liquid natural dyes, our Aquarelle liquid Saxon Blue can be found here. One of the most exciting colors is a liquid indigo that does not require a vat and produces a striking turquoise shade on protein fibers. This means you can add the blue directly into your dyebath along with a bit of yellow and get a beautiful green, no need to fuss with a traditional vat. For wool and silk fibers only.

We have tons of stunning scarves, bandannas, and katazome textiles sure to spark some indigo inspiration!

We’ve taken a trove of handwoven Laotian cotton scarves and dipped them to achieve the richest, darkest indigo shades. The hand spun thick and thin texture really shines through on these handmade pieces. The scarves are 100% cotton for easy wear but also possess a heft and hand that is thick and snuggly for chilly days.

This special scarf is a handwoven creation from India and features a tribal motif of golden brown Muga silk.  It has been dipped in European woad dye, creating a beautiful, luminescent and soft blue, very distinctive from indigo.  The Muga silk has been transformed into a bronze-olive shade. With hand-knotted edging.

The katazome panels are created with hand cut stencils and rice paste resist to make traditional Japanese patterns, and are then immersed in indigo. They are perfect for sewing, quilting, making pillows, or hanging in your living room!

Or check out our new printed bandanas and scarves of the Sama’a collection from Handwork Studio! Sama’a means “a moment” in Urdu and often refers to a significant change, a moment of great beauty or spiritual awareness. The textiles used in the Sama’a collection are produced in collaboration with artisans working in Ajrak dyeing in Sindh, Pakistan. In this complex and ancient process, artisans work in complete harmony with their environment: the sun, river, animals, plant dyes, trees and mud are all part of the art of making Ajrak. Using regional natural dyes and dyeing slowly with numerous layers creates fabrics that are nuanced and rich in surface and color. In this region of Sindh, there is also a close association between Ajrak-making and Sufi shrines and both practices are embedded within local tradition.


Photo by reclaimed wool

These ornaments and sheep are not only adorable, but ethical as well! Each sheep is hand made from recycled wool fabrics and virgin wool purchased directly from shepherds across the US. Heidi Leugers’ ornaments are stuffed with textile scraps, covered with recycled fabrics and stitched with wool thread accents. They’re the perfect stocking stuffer for all of your felting friends.

For those who have some dye experience under their belt, but really want to hone in on a particular skill or technique, gift one day at our fully equipped dye studio. They’ll get to work on a project of their choice with expert guidance from the Botanical Colors team headed by master dyer Kathy Hattori.  The focus will be on whatever they would like to explore; whether that be developing a color palette, fine tuning their indigo skills, or learning production dyeing techniques!

Alison Kaplan of Kata Golda in Port Townsend, WA is the creative force behind these beautiful hand bound journals. These journals are extra special as we’ve naturally dyed the linen fabric covers, and Alison hand stitched the word “Color” on each one.  They are perfect for a documenting your naturally dyed fabrics and yarns or writing down your New Years resolutions!


Or for the indecisive…

you can purchase gift certificates for your colorful cohorts in increments of $30, $50, $100, and $250.

You really can’t go wrong. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a little something special too!