Indigo Topography

mineral workshop
Mineral Workshop’s Indigo Topography

Carrie Crawford, a new Botanical Colors customer wrote to us:

“My husband, Jonathan contacted you in October for some basic indigo information and we shortly thereafter ordered supplies for a 1-2-3 vat.
I have been experimenting and having a wonderful time with my vat…what a beautiful experience….I am forever in love with indigo….
I will be having an open studio the first 2 weekends of may — primarily focusing on a series of panels measuring 24 x 43…indigo on cotton…that were born of the indigo and guidance from you!!”

Check out her wonderful site and blog and seriously fall in love with what she did with our indigo! We most certainly did.

And if in Fairfax, California, aren’t you lucky to attend this with Carrie!
indigo topography