General FAQs


*Please allow 24 hours for responses to all inquiries*

We are shipping during the pandemic but please be aware the nearly all the carriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL) are no longer guaranteeing delivery times.  Because we are required to social distance, it is taking longer to fulfill orders and we are quoting up to 10 business days for your order to ship, but are endeavoring to ship more quickly than those guidelines.  Our supply chain is also experiencing delays.  We appreciate your patience during this uncertain time.


In stock means we have the product and can ship it.  Out of stock means that we do not have the product, and are not expecting more. This happens mostly with items like one-of-a-kind items, dye seeds or seasonal dyes.  Backstock means that it is temporarily out of stock but we are expecting more.  If you have a multiple piece order, we will often ship the in stock items to you and send the backstocked item when it becomes available.


Our Gift Cards are virtual. You will not be sent a physical card in the mail. You must enter in the email address of the person who will be using the card and an automatic code will be emailed to that address with further instructions for use.


We are very happy to report that the majority of our packaging is compostable. (Please see here for more information.) It is meant to be composted in an industrial facility so disposing of it in municipal composts is recommended. This packaging is not meant to be thrown in the garbage or recycling. Some products will remain in plastic bags. We have found that these items do not ship well in our eco-packaging.


Our products are are grown in fields, wild harvested, or come from small agricultural producers and are subject to the rhythms of nature. Many of the dyes are seasonal or have limited availability.  In regards to this:  if we we run short on a dye that is included in a kit, we reserve the right to substitute a similar type dye until our supply is replenished.   An example would be if we run out of Osage Orange extract, we would substitute Fustic extract.  Updated instructions are provided with any substitutions.


We try to keep the rules short and sweet – please review these and contact us if you have any questions.

Please register early as our classes fill quickly.  You will receive an email confirmation of your registration plus a materials list (if applicable) and any special instructions about 3 weeks before the start of class.

Class check-in begins 30 minutes before the class commences.

Please do not bring children to classes unless they are also registered – contact us for details.

Many of our workshop venues do not allow pets.  We thank you for respecting this policy.


  • You will receive a full refund if Botanical Colors cancels this class.
  • Your registration is non-refundable if you should cancel. If we have a waiting list and can fill your spot, we will return your registration less a $100 administration fee.  Cancellations less than 30 days prior to the start of a workshop are not refundable and we cannot guarantee that class handouts or materials will be available. Please contact us immediately if you are unable to attend the class.


  • Many of our teachers have dedicated years to their art and techniques, and teaching is a vital way for them to support themselves and their projects.  Many do not want you to video their teaching without express written permission.  Please respect their wishes regarding class photos, videos, audio recording, written handouts, and their proprietary methods.  Some may allow photos but no social media posting or sharing.
  • As well, students may not wish to participate in social media posts.  Please ask if you are planning to take photos.  If someone does not want you to take their photo, respect their wishes.


Botanical Colors LLC  collects personal information as required to fill orders and ship goods. We do not disclose or share any personal information with any other party. We use a secure online ordering system through Paypal.

Botanical Colors LLC maintains a mailing list and makes periodic mailings to individuals via an electronic newsletter. Each mailing has an “unsubscribe” button if you no longer wish to receive our electronic newsletters.


More information on order and shipping policies can be found here

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    • Kathy Hattori

      Hi Diane,
      Our shipping charges are dynamically calculated by USPS, so you can select among First Class and Priority Rate options, but these are all based on weight, dimensions and distance to ship. So if you have an item that is relatively low in cost, like 500 grams of whole madder root, the shipping will be high because the madder root is bulky and requires a larger box and is charged by dimensional weight and distance sent. If you ordered 500 grams of madder extract, the shipping would be less as it fits in a smaller box which carries a lower cost. It’s not exactly intuitive, so we do try to offer a couple of options when possible, but each shipping class has a set of parameters that our products have to follow. All of the carriers that we use have raised their prices at least 5% from 2018, so those charges are reflected in the shipping estimates as well. Thank you for asking – Kathy

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