Sajou Veined Ivory Scissors

Sajou Veined Ivory Scissors
Sajou Veined Ivory Handmade Scissors

These handmade luxury scissors are inspired by the Charles X era famous for the sophistication and quality of its objects and the scissors are beautifully rendered replicas. The handles are imitation veined ivory and reproduce the Sajou “S”.  The finger rings are decorated with a scalloped festoon detail and one ring is embellished with a blue and white satin pompom tassel.  The finished article is a very lighweight pair of scissors that are a delight to use and they come gift packaged in a Sajou box.

The scissors are made for Sajou in the small town of Nogent-en-Bassigny, which has been a center for the production of handmade scissors for over 250 years. 15 separate work processes comprise the making of each pair. Each blade has a stamped number to show that it has been individually fitted to its mate and perfectly adjusted from the start of fabrication to the final polishing and packaging.  Heirloom quality and beautifully made.  Size: 11.8 cm or approx 4.5 inches.


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