Black Magic Bachelor’s Button Seeds from Grand Prismatic

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We are so excited to be carrying Black Magic Bachelor’s Button seeds (Centaurea cyanus) from Grand Prismatic Seed!

We have heard that they make a nice purple for dyeing but they are also lovely as a cut flower.

Grand Prismatic says:

This strikingly beautiful corn flower is great for cut arrangements or used as an edible garnish on summer cocktails. Black Magic Bachelor’s Button seeds are almost effortless to grow. Direct sow a couple weeks before the last frost or in early autumn for earlier blooms. If you harvest heavily they will continue blooming from early spring until the first hard frost.

Make dried flowers into watercolors or food dye!

Packet: 75 Seeds


James Young and Guy Banner are the co-owners and farmers of Grand Prismatic Seed. They made a commitment to grow high quality open pollinated seeds. Their seeds can withstand the stresses associated with high desert crop production. Over time, they expect to release new vegetable varieties adapted to the Intermountain West. James has a passion for growing natural dye plants/seeds. He learned his seedy ways from Wild Garden Seed in Philomath, Oregon. Guy has an affinity for medicinal herbs and plants native to the Great Basin, Intermountain West, and Colorado Plateau. He has an extensive background. For instance, it includes ethnobotany and habitat restoration, agroecology, native seed production, and ornamental gardening.


Our farm is located at an elevation of 4780′ on the foothills of the Wasatch Range in Fruit Heights, Utah. Our climate is characterized by hot dry summers and snowy winters. We often receive early and late frosts, which will help us select for varieties that are cold hardy. Due to the “lake effect” from the Great Salt Lake, our area often receives “The Greatest Snow on Earth” (true for 2017 but not 2018). One of our goals is to breed new open-pollinated varieties and adapt standard heirloom varieties to the extremes we experience at the confluence of the Great Basin and Rocky Mountains.


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