Calendula Seeds (Pot Marigolds) from bedhead fiber

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Calendula Seeds or “Pot Marigolds” (Calendula officianalis) are natural dye flowers often found as an ingredient in healing salves, tinctures and ointments. The color from the flowers is a light, clear yellow and the flowers and bracts are prized for their anti-inflammatory properties. The plant is slightly sticky, and what herbalists use to create oils and remedies for common ailments. The flower petals are edible and the blooms are pollinator-friendly. Add this cheerful plant to your dye garden for its healing and wonderful color properties. Our calendula seeds are also called Pot Marigolds and their genus is Calendula.

About bedhead fiber:

bedhead fiber only sources fiber from US grown and milled farms, primarily based out of the Pacific Northwest. Most of the dye materials have been hand foraged by Kelli or traded with other foraging friends with sustainability in mind. seeds are ethically harvested and foraged and they often grow their our own dye materials. They supplement raw material dyes with extracts sourced directly from the farmers. bedhead fiber products are a commitment to sustainability, healthy ecosystems, and strong communities. They believe that the yarn and textiles they create are not only beautiful, but hold intention and value to the fiber, farmer, and foraging communities.

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Photos by Kristina Moravec. Contact bedhead fiber to arrange usage terms.

We regret that we cannot ship seeds internationally.

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