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We are so excited to be carrying Shades of Gold Marigold seeds (Tagetes erecta) from Grand Prismatic Seed! These seeds will create a selection of yellow, gold and orange blooms. Shades of Gold Marigold seeds grow into 3′-5′ tall monsters. These are not the petite French marigolds but large, profusely blooming plants.

Grand Prismatic says:

They get loaded with stunning 2.5″-3″ blooms from late summer through the first frost. POTENT dye. Why mess around with small French marigolds when you can get more dye for your pot with these bodacious flowers? Start seeds indoors and transplant to 2′ spacing after danger of frost has passed.

Packet: 50 seeds

Image courtesy of Grand Prismatic Seed.

A little marigold history:

Marigolds are native to Central America and the Southwest United States. They are featured in the Aztec herbal manuscript the Codex de la Cruz Badiano and are also the first illustrated and descriptive scientific text of Nahua medicine and botany produced in the Americas. Marigolds feature prominently in the Mexican Dia de los Muertos, in India as an edible garnish, as temple offerings as well as a celebration flower.  They are aromatic and used to deter insect pests by companion planting with other crops.  In addition, marigold petals are used in poultry feed to make egg yolks darker and more appetizing.

Dyeing with fresh marigolds:

Harvest fresh flowers or spent flower heads and use at 100% weight of fiber.  So this means for 4 ounces of fabric, you will need 4 ounces of fresh marigolds.  After that, prepare mordanted fabric or yarn.  Fill a dye pot with enough water for the fiber to move easily, and add the flowers.  If you want to keep the flower petals from tangling in the fiber, contain the flower heads in a piece of cheesecloth.  Heat the dyebath to lukewarm and add fibers.  After that, begin to slowly raise the temperature while carefully rotating the fibers to avoid unevenness or felting.  Slowly bring temperature to 160F and hold for 45-60 minutes.  Let cool until comfortable to handle and remove fibers.  Rinse in cool water and hang away from direct sunlight.  The exhaust bath may be used for additional yarns or fibers.

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