Vintage Handwoven Hemp Grain Sack Fabric




We have a fabulous, vintage heavyweight handwoven hemp grain sack fabric that is longing for the dyepot, or to be a table runner, or to make cushions, totes and more. The fabric is from Eastern Europe. Additionally, each roll has a distinctive center stripe pattern that was used to identify the farmer who brought grain to the mill. These are extra heavy-duty fabrics, hand spun and handwoven from hemp grown and processed locally. This type of fabric is vintage and is no longer available.

The handwoven hemp grain sack fabric has been washed and in some cases, the stripe shows some minor color bleeding.  These are ideal for overdyeing to minimize the effect but you may like the softer look and the slightly blurred edge of the stripe as is.

Weave structures vary from a 2/2 twill to a herringbone pattern. All fabrics have a center stripe of various thicknessess. We indicate the colors in the fabric description. The dyes used to make the stripe pattern are probably conventional (meaning synthetic)  and we don’t know about their light and washfastness. The hemp may be sunbleached or unbleached. Almost all the yarns used in this fabric appear handspun and the fabric is handwoven.

The fabric is sold by the yard and is approximately 16-22″ wide.

Note: Fabrics are hand-spun and handwoven. They may show weaving errors, dye rubbing or minor bleeding, small holes, frayed edges or other signs of age. All fabric is unused but has been in storage for decades. Limited quantities available.

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Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 1 in
Select A Fabric

Roll 1 & 2 Red/BlueStripe Twill, Roll 3 Blue/Red Stripe Twill, Roll 4 Red/Green Twill Stripe, Roll 5 Multi Stripe Herringbone, Roll 6, 7 & 11 Thick Blue Stripe Herringbone, Roll 8 Blue/Bright Red Stripe Herringbone, Roll 9 Gray/Red Stripe Herringbone, Roll 10 Faded Tan Stripe Herringbone, Roll 12 & 13 Dark Blue Triple Stripe Herringbone


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