Samantha Verrone Rust Dyed Flour Sack Towels




Samantha Verrone’s Rust Dyed Flour Sack Towels are a beautiful representation of her unique designs and is at the heart of her work. Rust dyed textiles challenge traditional notions of beauty and decoration. Decay itself can be beautiful. The unique results of blending corrosion and construction, using antiquated objects that may have sentimental value, incorporating memory and nostalgia with design all contribute to the fascination of rust dyeing. The introduction of plant dyes furthers the tension between permanence and ephemera. The marks made by natural dyestuffs change over time, with wear and use, sometimes fading and always developing a unique patina. Like these beautiful rust dyed flour sack towels.

100% cotton flour sack towel dyed with rust and tea
Sewn in Michigan, dyed in the Bronx
20” x 34”
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About Samantha Verrone:
Samantha produces one of a kind home furnishings, clothing, accessories and tapestries. Inspired by antique Japanese Boro and Korean Pojagi and the various vintage and otherwise discarded textile remnants she finds in her travels, Samantha focuses on labor intensive rather than resource depleting production. Every piece is made by hand in her Bronx studio and is stocked in places like ABC Carpet & Home, Oroboro and the Houston Museum of Fine Arts gift shop.

Watch Samantha’s FEEDBACK FRIDAY here.

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Rust dyed drill bit pattern on white, Rust dyed drill bit pattern on natural, Rusty spheres with tea on white, Rusty spheres with tea on natural


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