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A wonderful set of recycled plastic clamp resist forms designed for cold water dyeing such as indigo and developed by Indigo doula Britt Boles? Yes please.

Did you see our post-FEEDBACK FRIDAY with Britt Boles, founder of Seaspell Fiber and the super popular Indigo Pigment Extraction Methods group on Facebook? Watch the recording here.

Seaspell Fiber 3D printed resist shapes include:
One pair of 4 inch shapes (Choose Circle, Triangle, or Crescent)
One aluminum C-Clamp*

What’s different about our resist shapes?
In addition to being waterproof, our original 3D printed design features a custom click-in feature.
This design allows the clamp and shape to become one tool and gives you ease and control over the positioning of your fiber. Our shapes are identical and because the click-in feature ensures proper alignment, you receive a crisp, consistent resist. These shapes are intended for low heat/ no heat dyeing and are ideal for indigo vatting, but can be utilized in other low heat/passive dye baths. Do not exceed temps of 110F/43C.

● Our unique click-in to clamp feature
● Lightweight – each shape set weighs 5oz or less
● Only 1 clamp necessary per shape. No more juggling multiple clamps.
● Detailed, consistent shapes and sharp clear corners.
● Waterproof
● Ships in 5 business days or less-Order before Dec. 10th for Christmas delivery.
● Low heat/ no heat resists are ideal for indigo vatting, but can be utilized in other
low heat/passive immersion dye baths. Do not exceed temps of 110F/43C.

*Aluminum C-clamps are manufactured by a 3rd party. They contain metal screws that will
potentially incur rust build-up(iron oxide). This does not negatively affect indigo but may
potentially cause “saddening” should you choose to use the tool in other natural dye baths.

Resist Shape Innovation:

Itajime Shibori is a Japanese resist technique which traditionally secures two pieces of wood with string or clamps to create a negative shape pattern on cloth dyed with indigo. My indigo resist dye journey began with canning lids and graduated handcrafted wooden shapes. I would spend hours drawing, sawing, and shaping resists in an effort to create two identical shapes, but found it difficult to create consistent sharp lines and all of the wooden shapes started to break and warp with frequent use. My husband, Andy, witnessed the struggle and together we sought a solution. We looked into other shape materials but found they were slippery, difficult to align, or couldn’t create clean lines, so we created an original 3D printed resist shape tailored to a dyer’s needs. We are excited to share these tools as the next evolution in the art of resist


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© Brittany Boles 2021 Images: Christine Noel James


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Four inch circle, Four inch Crescent Moon, Four inch Triangle


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