Sale! Backstrap woven skirt (corte) from Colotenango

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Colotenango cortes or skirts are distinctive throughout Guatemala as they are among the few skirts that are backstrap rather than floor loom woven.  Although most huipiles are woven on backstrap looms, very few skirts are woven using the backstrap method nowdays. Each corte is 2 backstrap woven lengths, joined together and lavishly embroidered with flowers, butterflies, medallions, geometric and fantastical designs.

The background is a viscose-blend imported thread hand woven in maroon and gray with a light colored pinstripe.  On top of this rather somber and serious fabric ground rows of brightly colored embroidery are spaced at regular intervals.  The makers use mainly a chain stitch, and they create the same motif in a row across the skirt changing colors but keeping the motifs uniform.  The result is a beautifully decorated textile that is worn for ceremonial occasions.

We offer 2 skirts.  They are both vintage 1990’s era textiles.  One has predominantly butterflies and floral medallions and is still in its original tube shape.  It can be carefully separated and hemmed to make a luxurious throw. The other has been opened and hemmed and features large geometric medallions and flower chains across its length.  Each measures approximately 35″ x 75″.

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Butterfly and floral medallion tube skirt, Geometric motifs and floral garland flat textile


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