Deep Color: The Shades That Shape Our Souls


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Deep Color: The Shades That Shape Our Souls is the new book from our friend Keith Recker!

Color is a powerful force in our lives. It is a major influence in visual and verbal communication and on the decisions we make every day. Deep Color: The Shades That Shape Our Souls unpacks all the shades of the rainbow (plus black, white, and pink) with little-known facts, stunning visuals, and a critical perspective on color and the nonverbal meanings it carries. Essays explore the intriguing facets of color, such as imperial yellow in China or lapis lazuli in Egypt. Each hue is illustrated not just in words, but in historical and contemporary images that show how ancient ideas are still very much alive today—and also how color can take on new meanings. For creatives of all kinds, Deep Color: The Shades That Shape Our Souls helps us unpack the color-laden stimuli all around us and find new depth in our color choices.

A close look at the messages carried by color empowers us to think critically about how we are influenced by modern media and marketing, about our reactions to art and creativity, and about what satisfies and comforts us. With its forays into history, this book is a tool for the culturally curious. With its close examination of the often unconscious ways color communicates and persuades, it is also a tool for artists and designers. With its discussion of color usage, Deep Color: The Shades That Shape Our Souls is a source of inspiration for creative thinkers of all kinds.

Hardcover: 384 pages

About Keith

Keith Recker brings 35 years of adventuresome, insightful, multicultural experience to the subject of color. As a color trend spotter and forecaster, his clients have included global influencers Pantone, WGSN, Stylus, Color Association of the United States, and more. He is author of True Colors: World Masters of Natural Dyes and Pigments (Thrums Books/Schiffer Publishing)and co-author of PANTONE: The Twentieth Century in Color (Chronicle). He has worked in the nonprofit world as a director of consumer marketing at CARE International and as executive director of Aid to Artisans, and in the US retail sector as a home furnishings executive at Saks Fifth Avenue, Gump’s San Francisco, and Bloomingdale’s. He has worked with artisans from more than 60 countries to develop and market their products internationally, and his work on color and culture has been published by the Studio Museum in Harlem, the Museum of Arts and Design, Brooklyn Rail, and others. Recker is currently Editor in Chief of TABLE Magazine. He lives in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, with his family.

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