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Guatemalan weaving is a spectacularly beautiful blend of exceptional design, color, imagery, and embellishments including embroidery, ikat, indigo, tassels and other amazing stitch techniques.  All done by hand, and traditional pieces are woven on backstrap looms.

The traditional Mayan huipil or blouse is backstrap loom woven, heavily brocaded and embroidered by women and each pattern reflects her region and village origin. Although you will commonly see Mayan women wearing the traditional huipil that represents her village, every huipil is unique and each weaver adds her own touch.   This huipil from San Juan Sacatepequez near Guatemala City is particularly brilliant, and worn for festival days and special occasions.  This spectacular piece is two backstrap woven lengths, very heavily brocaded over a striped ground, and has embroidered rose and bead trim on the sleeves, neckline and bodice. The design is referred to as peacock, with angular brocade depictions of birds.  It is approximately 30 inches wide by 24 inches long with a raw unhemmed bottom edge.   The bright colors in the textile represent the following symbols and expressions.

Yellow – the sun

Red – blood

Purple – sadness

Blue – heaven

Green – nature

Brown – Mother Earth



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