Indigo Scarf dyed with Tea Leaf Waste


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These scarves come with beautiful stories.

Aranya Naturals is located in Munnar, Kerala, and is part of a community development project for differently abled children of tea plantation workers run by the Shrishti Welfare Centre. The Centre provides programs aimed at sustainable and enduring support for the children and trains them to be self-sufficient, textile masters at weaving, dyeing and spinning. Some of the children are now in leadership craft positions, and incredibly skilled at their work.   Aranya Naturals has held exhibitions, sales and events around the world showcasing their creations, and each piece is a work of art.

What I love about these scarves is that they are modern in design but traditional in their dyeing and construction. The color placement within the piece is surprising and allows the scarf to be worn year round just by tying them in a different way.  The weight is that lightweight, crisp, yet soft cotton that India is famous for, and the scarves are dyed with natural indigo and tea waste on a thread size that is as fine as human hair. Once the loom is dressed, the pieces are  handwoven by differently abled young textile masters.

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Dimensions 10 × 9 × .5 in

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