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Jenny Dean is one of the very knowledgeable dyers from whom I first learned natural dyeing. With over 40 years of natural dye experience, she is a trove of information and practical application, and I inhaled the first edition of her Colours from Nature, and later, Wild Color (written with Karen Diadick Casselman) and am an avid reader of her blog. We are thrilled to be able to offer Colours from Nature, an expanded reprint of her classic practical handbook for dyers. This edition has a spiral binding, protective acetate covers and is packed full of detailed information.  What I appreciate about this book is that Jenny offers solid, time-proven techniques for natural dyeing, and she provides guidelines for dyeing the classics as well as gathering and extracting your own dyestuffs.

Jenny provides a thorough review of good dyeing practices, which results in the beautiful and lasting shades she is able to coax from humble and exotic dye sources. Colors from Nature examines fiber preparation and mordanting, the historical dyes of antiquity, color testing and experiments. The dye recipes are arranged by color with representative printed color swatches and the indigo section includes 3 methods for preparing and using indigo and woad vats.

Chapters include Equipment and Safety, Mordanting, Extracting Colors, Making and Using Color Modifiers, Light and Wash-fastness, over 100 color recipes, Using Natural Dye Extracts, Plant Sources of Color, and a comprehensive bibliography. 102 printed pages, spiralbound.

I’m so glad this classic, well documented book is back!

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