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We are very happy to offer Lichen Dyes: The New Source Book by Karen Diadick Casselman!

From the Publisher of Lichen Dyes:

Lichens are curious plants. They are fungi and algae. They often resemble splotches of paint peeling from rocks or wood. People use them to create brilliant, versatile dyes for over 4,000 years. This is a comprehensive guide based on 25 years of meticulous research. Noted textile designer and lichen expert Karen Casselman explains how to create and use dyes derived from these unusual plants.

The text begins with a fascinating history of such Asian and European lichen pigments. It includes Phoenician purple, Roman murex, Florentine orchil, and Norwegian korkje. Consideration of Scottish, Irish, and Scandinavian domestic lichen dyes follows as well as those used in colonial America. Also discussed at length are safe dyeing methods, with special attention to equipment and preparation of the fiber. Additionally, ecologically sound dyeing techniques and the use of mordants (substances used to fix dyes) are explored. Karen also explores lichen identification and more. A final section includes charts of lichen dye names and ingredients, additives and alternative mordants, international field guides, useful bibliographies, indices, and other information.

Lichen Dyes is well-written, informative, and full of expert advice. It is an excellent guide. It is indispensable to novices and experienced dyers alike who wish to learn the age-old art and craft of dyeing with lichens.

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