Naturally Dyed and Printed Scarves


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A generously sized, lightweight shawl, this piece is large enough to use as a wrap, shawl or scarf. We offer it in two patterns: the irregular dots or the bold stripes in indigo or tannin.  Both are wonderfully soft and bear the mark of the hand using traditional mud resist printing.

Sama’a means “a moment” in Urdu and often refers to a significant change, a moment of great beauty or spiritual awareness. The textiles used in the Sama’a collection are produced in collaboration with artisans working in Ajrak dyeing in Sindh, Pakistan. In this complex and ancient process, artisans work in complete harmony with their environment: the sun, river, animals, plant dyes, trees and mud are all part of the art of making Ajrak. Using regional natural dyes and dyeing slowly with numerous layers creates fabrics that are nuanced and rich in surface and color. In this region of Sindh, there is also a close association between Ajrak-making and Sufi shrines and both practices are embedded within local tradition.

Handwork Studio works with artisans around the world and is committed to design innovation through socially and environmentally sustainable methods.

Long Scarf

Fabric: Lightweight Cotton Lawn

Color: Indigo Blue or Tannin Grey

Print: Half dots or Half stripes.  Note:  Grey is in Stripe design only.

Size: 120 cm x 210 cm (Approx. 47 x 83 inches)



Additional information

Weight 63 g
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 1 in

Blue, Grey


Stripe, Dot


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