Salvation through Soy: Blissful Dyeing for All Eternity by John Marshall


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John Marshall is an expert in the traditional Japanese method of katazome. The beauty of this method is the dyeing, painting and expert shading that bring the designs to life. One of the  ingredients that has been used to affix pigments to silk cloth is the use of soybean milk – simple to make and extremely effective. Use your imagination as you learn how to adhere natural pigments to cloth using only the humble soybean and water. No other chemicals or treatments are needed for long lasting results.

John provides clear directions on how to make your own soymilk from dried soybeans, how to apply it to cloth and create beautiful designs and effects.

Salvation through Soy publication presents all of this information in an amusing and thorough manner. Lavishly illustrated and full of hints and tips, it will be an important reference in your textile library. Each book comes with an exquisite hand painted natural pigment sample by John on silk.

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