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We’re so excited to launch this Botanical Color Exploration Kit by Feral Botanics!

Explore the beauty of natural color and express your joy for the world with this botanical color kit. Created by Nadine Allan, the founder of Feral Botanics in LA, this compact set is perfect for watercolor experiments.  Package in a recyclable metal tin with 3 colors, 2 wax crayons, 2 modifiers and a smudge cloth.

Kit includes:
* 3 watercolors using Botanical Colors dye extracts-
Madder, Indigo, Marigold
* An Indigo Wax Pastel infused with Lavender scent. This provides a great drawing resist to use together with watercolors.
* A clear wax crayon to cover areas you don’t want painted.
* Citric Acid Modifier and Iron Powder to shift colors.  Please note that Iron in powdered form should be handled with care and may stain hands and surfaces.  If using with children we highly recommend adult supervision.  Please see our notes about safe use here.

Recycled cotton square for smudging crayons and creating shaded effects.

These watercolors are for use with paper products only and will not dye fabrics.

From the Feral Botanics website: “Feral refers to something that was once wild that became domesticated, then chose to be wild again. Using traditional methods such as natural dyes, we are combining them with a contemporary spin to inspire your daily lifestyle. We hope that with a deeper connection to how and what our things are made of, that we can lead a more sustainable future.”

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