Cara Marie Piazza’s Amazing Ice Dye Bundle Kit


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Love Cara Marie Piazza’s work? Then you’ll love the ice dye bundle kit we created with her! The ice dye bundle kit comes complete with mordants, extracts and the modifiers you will need to create unpredictable and beautiful results on fabrics. All you need is prepared fabric, a bag of ice or snow and a whole lot of creativity. The kit includes generous 100g sizes of mordants and assists and 25g of natural dye extracts and marigold flowers, which is enough for many, many ice dye experiments. The kit also includes a PDF download of sources and instructions.

The kit contains:

  • 100g of aluminum sulfate
  • 4 ounces aluminum acetate
  • 100g soda ash
  • 100g citric acid
  • 100g iron  
  • 100g ground oak gall tannin  
  • 25g Premium lac extract
  • 15g fustic extract
  • 25g rich purple logwood extract
  • A handful of dried flowers. The selection will vary but will typically be marigold, coreopsis or other seasonal blooms
  • A downloadable resource PDF including instructions

Here’s some ice dyeing inspiration from Cara Marie Piazza.


Cara Marie Piazza is a Natural Dyer and artisan working in New York City.

She creates one of a kind textiles only using natural dye stuffs such as botanicals, plant matter, minerals, non-toxic metals and food wastes. She treats her fabrics through alchemical dye sessions, ancient shibori techniques and bundle dyeing, transforming each textile into its very own story. She works with both designers and artists to realize their Natural dyeing needs as well as creates custom pieces for private clients. Cara teaches workshops on natural dyeing and curates unique experiences merging healing, color and art.

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