Natural Dye Extract Kit


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Botanical Colors renowned natural dye extracts plus aluminum sulfate mordant and cream of tartar. The perfect starter kit for those who want to try an easy introduction to natural dyes. Each extract is in a concentrated, easy to mix powder or liquid and comes with complete instructions. The dyes may be used straight or mixed together for an endless rainbow of beautiful shades. The kit will dye approximately 2-4 pounds of natural fibers, which is enough for a couple of sweaters, a scarf and a hat! Packaged in a reusable kraft paper cylinder that is also recyclable.  The kit includes

* Lac (Burgundy Red)
* Logwood (Purple)
* Cutch (Warm Brown)
* Fustic (Gold)
* Liquid Indigo Saxon Blue (Turquoise Blue)
* Aluminum Sulfate and Cream of Tartar
The kit works best on protein fibers such as wool and silk fibers.

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Weight 312 g
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 4 in


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