Pigment Accessory Kit for Scrambles Quilts Make a Lake Class


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Botanical Colors and Kristin Arzt of Scrambles Quilts have teamed up for the online class, Make A Lake:  Creating Pigments from Natural Dyes.  The talented Ms. Arzt will lead the class and we are providing a Pigment Accessory Kit of materials you will need to follow along.

The Pigment Accessory Kit includes filters, soybeans, mineral mordant and a jar for storing your newly made pigment.  Kristin will provide a materials list of other common items needed.  Join us for this very fun and informative session!

Please note that the kit does not include instructions. Kristin will be instructing you online.  Register at the above link.

Kathy says:

Kristin was our team pigment-making leader in my two-week class last year.  Every single dye bath was saved to make pigments and it was a lot of fun.  I hope you enjoy learning from Kristin:  she’s a fabulous teacher!



Kristin Arzt is a natural dyer, educator, gardener and designer based in Oakland, California. Kristin believes that by exploring the collision of textiles, plants and sustainability, she can help make the study of natural dyes accessible to everyone through education and enthusiasm.

When not teaching in-person and online courses, Kristin grows her own seasonal dye plants in her home garden for closer experimentation. In addition, she often shares seeds and sprouts with students. After becoming enamored with the world of natural color, Kristin has taken years to expand her toolkit. Therefore, she has traveled far and wide to learn directly with specialized teachers in the dye community. For instance, she has studied with Kathy Hattori, Catharine Ellis, Joy Boutrup, and many more amazing instructors.

Kristin is the Textiles Department Head at The Crucible. A non-profit organization dedicated to making arts education accessible to local youth and the surrounding community.

You can keep up with Kristin’s adventures and experiments at @scramblesquilts. In addition, join her in the classroom at kristinarzt.com.

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