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5.5 inch yarn rings are a secret weapon for dyers who want to keep their skeins as organized as possible when yarn processing. These 5.5 inch rings are ideal for displaying finished skeins, while the 7 inch dye rings are more useful for organizing yarn while mordanting and dyeing to avoid tangles.

The rings are 5 inches in diameter with a self hook closure and are made of aluminum. Each 5 inch ring will accommodate about 100 grams (approx. 3.5 ounces) of yarn. You may be able to load more or fewer skeins with very fine or bulky yarns.

Sold in sets of 5 rings


From our Feedback Friday series:

I like the 7″ dyer’s rings, but have heard that aluminum is reactive to dyes and can have an effect on the dyed wool. Is this a problem ?

Aluminum can be reactive in some dye baths, causing a little bit of color lightening, but the rings are so small that I haven’t noticed any issue with natural dye baths, even in indigo vats, and I know of dyers that use many rings in a bath with no ill effects. Sometimes they do get a bit of sediment on them and I scrub it off.




photo credit: Anna Brones

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Weight 121 g
Dimensions 7 × 7 × .5 in


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