Fustic Liquid Extract


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Fustic (Chlorophora tinctoria or Maclura tinctoria) is a tall tropical hardwood that grows from Mexico to Argentina.  Fustic is high in tannic acid, which makes it an ideal cotton dye. In fact, it was used in the military to dye the color khaki during World War I. On cotton, it will dye a clear gold and on silk and wool it will dye gold to brown-gold.  Fustic also provides a good base for other colors: indigo overdyed with fustic creates an khaki green; combined with madder and cochineal to make oranges; and mixed with logwood or with iron to produce olive greens. Our fustic extract is in liquid form and is very strong. Use at 10% for bright to rich gold.  Lower percentages will produce a lemony shade.  The high tannin content of this dye will result in a slight color shift toward a golden buff when exposed to direct sunlight.

  • 50 grams of Fustic liquid extract will dye approximately 300 grams of fiber (10.5 ounces) a  medium gold shade.
  • 2021 – We have a new supply and this formulation is much brighter gold than previous versions, has better shelf stability and is easier to pour.  SHAKE WELL before MEASURING.  We recommend you test recipes where you used the old fustic to gauge results and any adjustments to your formulas.

From our Feedback Friday series:

Is there a reason the liquid fustic isn’t in with the other liquid dyes on your website? I found it worked well with the others.

Fustic is one of our older dyes and was our only liquid offering for many years. It has such a different tinctorial strength (it’s much stronger) that we’ve kept it with the powders as it performs more like a powder. That being said, you are correct that it does combine very well with all of the dyes, liquid and powdered.

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