Pakistani Indigo


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We are excited to offer a limited supply of an earthy, natural indigo from Pakistan. Finely powdered and a steely dark blue, this indigo is the first indigo I learned how to use and we discovered a bucket of it in the back warehouse. The dye yields a dark blue with numerous dips and is also ideal for creating vivid overdyed greens as it contains a yellower cast than our other indigo varieties.

This indigo is suitable to use in a 1-2-3 vat or other styles of indigo vat.

50 grams of Indigo extract will dye about 900 grams of fiber (2 pounds) to a medium shade and it comes in 100 and 250 gram packages.  Please note that we have a limited supply of this indigo and will not be restocking it as the distributor has retired.

When used in conjunction with other dyes, can create rich indigo-based greens:

  • Weld yields a Lime Green
  • Fustic yields an Emerald to Mallard Green
  • Pomegranate yields a Light Olive to Bottle Green
  • Himalayan Rhubarb yields Olive to Khaki

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