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Quebracho Rojo –  Found in the Gran Chaco region of Argentina,Quebracho (Schinopsis quebracho-colorado) is a dense hardwood that is commonly used as fuel for the legendary Argentine barbecue but it is also an important tannin for the leather industry as the heartwood contains between 20-30% tannin. Recently quebracho has been listed by winemaking suppliers as it is used to resist oxidation of red wines as well as impart flavor. Quebracho is  suitable for dyeing cellulose fibers and also performs well on silks and wool, and yields a lovely pinkish peach to brown rose color.  Try Quebracho on wool with aluminum acetate as your mordant for a brightened color effect. When overdyed with indigo, it creates a deep steel gray-blue.

  • 50 grams of Quebracho Red extract will dye approximately 500 grams of fiber (1.1 pounds) to a dark shade

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