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Liquid Tannin is an easy to use liquid natural dye that is considered a “light” tannin. Liquid tannin comes from gall nuts, which contain approximately 50-60% tannin.

When used as a mordant, it does not significantly alter the color of other natural dyes. It creates a soft purple color with iron or a light buff by itself. For more details, please see our page on how to use liquid dyes.

Each Aquarelle liquid natural dye is pre-extracted from a leaf, root, bark or other natural source. They combine easily and produce beautiful shades. Thicken with print paste thickener. After that, use for printing, painting and other surface design applications.

  • Tannin with iron is considered the most ancient recipe for dark gray and black.
  • If the fibers seem to be bleeding excessive amounts of dye while you are rinsing, stop and let the freshly dyed fibers air dry completely. Once the fibers are dry, rinse them again and air dry.

To calculate the amount of dye you want to use, you will first find out the weight of the material you want to dye. This is known as the Weight of Fiber (WOF). Weigh your textiles when they are dry to get the WOF. The amount of dye that you need is then calculated as a percentage of the WOF.

For example, an average large cotton t-shirt weighs approximately 150g. To dye it a dark beige shade with liquid tannin, you could use 10% of the weight of the shirt of liquid tannin. This table shows general guidelines for how much of each liquid dye you should use for various shades.

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