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Pomegranate extract (Punica granatum), is known as anaar in India and granado in Spain. It grows wild in India, Italy, North Africa and China. Some use Pomegranate extract as both a tannin-rich mordant in India, and as a dye. Pomegranate is an aromatic dye that yields a matte green-yellow color. It yields rich blue greens when overdyed with indigo or dark olive greens when combined with Logwood or iron.

  • 50 g of pomegranate extract will dye approximately 600 grams (1.4 pounds) of fiber to a dark shade

The pomegranate also serves as a symbol in many cultures. It is a common motif in Christianity, the fruit of choice on the Jewish holiday, Rosh Hashanah, and a recurring token in Greek and Roman mythology. It continues to serve a symbolic purpose in Greek culture, showing up in weddings, funerals, new home purchases, and the new year, serving as a symbol for abundance, fertility, and good luck.

From our Feedback Friday series:

When I do the mordant process and use tannin it usually dyes my fabric a brown color. Is there a trick for that NOT to happen?

Tannin is present in a number of different dyestuffs, and depending on how dark it is, does create a brown shade.  If you want to use a “clear” tannin like gallo-tannin, the color will be a light beige, and is normally not noticeable in the final dyed textile. A quick rundown of tannins that are suitable for use with pomegranate extract are:


Tara powder

Pomegranate: medium to dark gold, use at 10%

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