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Sappanwood is native to Southeast Asia and India and is considered one of the “exotic” red wood dyes that produces wonderful red, lavender and purple shades. It is similar in color to the endangered Brazilwood, but this dye plant is easily propagated and not considered endangered or threatened. People traded it along the Silk Road and medieval dyers often used it. It was renowned as a medicinal herb as well as a brilliant color.

Our very popular sappanwood, also called East Indian redwood and Eastern Brazilwood is now available in an extract form. This means no simmering, steeping and straining dyestuff to achieve beautiful colors. The dye yield is a beautiful deep purple on wool and silk. 100 grams will dye up to 1000 g (2.2 lbs) a rich purple shade with color leftover for exhaust dye baths or pigment making. For more detailed instructions, please see our how to page.

Lightfastness with this dye is similar to logwood: not particularly lightfast, but washfast. Sappanwood extract is blended with a small amount of gall nut tannin to help with lightfastness.

Check out our blog post where Kate experiments with pH shifting and iron using sappanwood extract including getting a dreamy blue!

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