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We’ve unearthed our stash of Black Hollyhock blossoms and are eager to kick off some end of summer dyeing projects. Black hollyhock is a bit of a grandstander – all beautiful and lush and deeply pigmented blossoms that can be fragile in terms of wash and lightfastness. And for the color? It’s like a grand science experiment as well as somewhat unpredictable whether you will achieve a purple, a blue, a gray or a green. However, they are all lovely colors and it’s always a virtuous exercise in learning how to let go a bit as the color mellows and changes with time.

Our hollyhock blossoms are organically grown and deep blackish purple. They’re very interesting as a bundle dye blossom, but I have to say I was really amazed at the colors that Hooked and Dyed got with black hollyhocks on her blog. She achieved a lovely blue that she paired with an onion skin dyed yarn, and then designed a garment that would look as good as its fresh new color and after a season or two. The end result is beautiful in all stages of its natural color. Brilliant. Read her entire post to follow her instructions.

We sell the hollyhock blossoms in 30 gram bags, which is enough for some sample testing with the immersion dye method. For eco printing, it’s a generous double handful of dried flowers.

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