Dyes of the Américas Sampler


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Many of the most storied and legendary dyes are native to the Americas and were a prized source for the dye houses of Europe. We’ve created our Dyes of the Américas Sampler to showcase these beautiful colors. Each dyestuff is native to North, South or Central America. Indigenous civilizations used many of these dyes long before European conquest. This kit contains sample sizes of logwood, cochineal, osage, pericón, coreopsis and walnut along with a brief description of each dyestuff and its origin.  The color yield from these dyes is logwood – purple, cochineal – red, pericón – gold, coreopsis – orange, and walnut – brown.

We’ve included tannin and alum and a length of pre-scoured organic calico so you can create samples, eco-print, or experiment as you please. Instructions for mordanting your fabric with the tannin and alum can be found here. Instructions for using each dye can be found here.

Dyes of the Américas Sampler contains enough dye to eco print your own goods, such as:

  • 6 scarves or
  • 3-4 t-shirts or
  • 6-8 pairs of socks or
  • a set of dinner napkins or
  • 2 tea towels or
  • 4 camisoles

If you want to immersion dye, you can make multiple dyebaths from the dyes, use the exhaust for lighter colors, and make a pigment out of the exhausted dye bath. Please see our instructions for dyeing with raw materials for more details.

International customers: We are unable to ship this sampler internationally.

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