US-Grown Whole Madder Root: Rubia Tinctorum


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US-grown Whole Madder Root: Rubia tinctorum

We are happy to offer a US-grown Whole Madder Root: Rubia tinctorum variety of madder root.  Our crop comes from Washington State, harvested, threshed and dried from three-year old roots.  Our grower practices organic methods and is a meticulous processor, so these are really nice fresh roots!

The photo example shows a number of skeins on a dark canvas background.  We dyed all of this (approx. 400 grams of fiber)  from 60 grams of whole root and there is still color left in the dye bath for additional fibers.  At the end of our experiments, we can make a pigment from the last of the dye bath and dry the roots to use in a fermentation indigo vat or for eco-printing.

Packed in 100 gram bags and will dye approximately 100-400 grams of fiber various shades of red, orange, coral and peach.

We also offer Whole Madder Root Rubia cordifolia.


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