2022 Restock! Indigenous Kala Cotton Fabric from India


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Fabrics are sold by the yard (36 inches).

Kala cotton is an indigenous varietal from Gujurat, India and one of 20 native varieties that once existed in India. The fiber fell out of favor over conventional GMO cotton but was revitalized when growers realized that the plants require only rainfall and no irrigation with a high tolerance for disease and pests. As much of the region is semi-desert, this toothy and earthy fiber is a beautiful expression of place.

Today, Kala cotton is making a comeback and provides a livelihood to desert farmers in Kachchh (Kutch). The entire community is involved in raising the cotton, processing, spinning, weaving and dyeing the fabric. The fabric is the same quality that is being used by our friends at 11.11 and we are helping to support the creation of beautiful cloth from rural India. We are proud to offer this organic, rainwater fed fabric and support the cooperatives who are producing it. The fabric is ideal for stitching or dyeing.


All of the fabrics are handwoven woven with organic, indigenous Kala cotton. We offer three weights.

  • Ultra lightweight 200s count cotton: slightly heavier than a voile, semi-sheer and a flowing drape. Mill spun from organic Kala cotton but handwoven. Approximately 49 inches wide. Ecru.
  • Lightweight 40s count hand spun Kala cotton fabric. Hand spun and handwoven with tiny slubs and cotton hull bits. Slightly sheer, takes dyes beautifully and a lovely drape for simple tops and dresses. Approx. 45 inches wide. Ecru.
  • Medium weight 20s count hand spun Kala cotton fabric. A heavier fabric with a definite weight and presence using a 2-ply yarn. Hand spun and handwoven. Suitable for light jackets, tunics, skirts and bottoms. Approximately 31 inches wide. Ecru.
A note about the fabric lengths:

All of the fabric is handwoven and the typical length of the fabric is about 10 or 11 yards. If you are ordering lengths longer than 10 yards be aware that your order will consist of several panels. We will communicate with you if this situation arises to confirm that the fabric will work for your project. The fabric may also contain minor weaving variations or other marks indicative of a hand made fabric. We recommend scouring if you will be dyeing the fabric, and please pre-wash before sewing. Expect this raw fabric to shrink approximately 10% in both length and width but your results may vary.

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Lightweight 40s count handspun ecru, Ultra Lightweight 200s count millspun ecru, Medium weigh 20s count handspun


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