Japanese Folding Fan by Takayuki Ishii


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The folding fan (called sensu in Japanese) is an ancient symbol of status, power and communication and the finest fans are made by hand. In today’s modern world, the fan is a convenient way to stay cool and stylish during hot summers. It is lightweight, portable and a beautiful reminder of exquisite Japanese craftsmanship.

We are thrilled to offer a traditional Japanese folding fan from Takayuki Ishii’s Awonoyoh studio.  Taka san used a katazome gradation technique to stencil and dye silk fabric as many as 10 times in his indigo vat.  The fabric was carefully finished, then sent to a fan making workshop in Kyoto. There, the indigo fabric was measured, cut and mounted to a piece of paper to add body, then attached to the delicate blades of the fan. The entire piece was folded and adjusted so it closes perfectly flat.

The fan comes with a katazome stenciled fabric fan case and both the fan and the case are protected by a handmade sectioned wooden box.

We know you will treasure this amazing item!

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Materials : Ramie fabric, bamboo

Technique : Katazome on silk fabric with sukumo indigo vat
Country of origin : Kyoto/Japan
Size : W 37cm,H 21cm,D 1cm
Width – 14.5 inches, 8.25 inches high and approximately half inch deep
Dyer : Takayuki Ishii


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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 1 in


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