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We are offering “Japanese” Indigo (Persicaria tinctoria) for pre-order. Persicaria tinctoria is easily propagated in most temperate climates.

Indigo is the most recognized of the natural dyes and contains the legendary rich blue color from the plant leaves. Our variety is commonly called “Japanese” Indigo (Persicaria tinctoria), and is easily propagated in most temperate climates. The seeds prefer a warm environment to sprout and have similar light, water and food requirements as growing basil. Plant seedlings after the last frost date for your area, and if you have a short growing season, you can start seedlings indoors about 4-6 weeks before your last frost date.

For us in Seattle, this is as early as Feb 1 to March 1! Persicaria tinctoria plants grow to about 24 inches high and will be bushy with lots of offshoots and leaves. Plan on multiple harvests of this easy to grow plant and experiment with fresh and dried leaf dyeing, pigment extraction, eco-printing and other techniques.

Once you are ready to harvest, we offer a recipe for making a fresh leaf indigo vat.

Our 2024 seeds are from Ricketts Indigo stock. Each package contains approximately 150-175 seeds, plenty for an indigo patch in your dye garden.

Planting tips from Ricketts Indigo:
  • Not all seeds will germinate, so plant extra to ensure the desired number of plants. (Approx. 87% germination rate when tested.)
  • Seeds best started in seedling beds or flats, not direct seeding.
  • Please note that these seeds were winnowed by hand so expect some other plant material in with them.
  • Refrigerate extra seeds to keep for next year.
We can only ship seeds to USA and Canada. The seeds are packaged in resealable plastic as they are so tiny they slip out of the paper seed packets and we don’t want you to lose any of this blue preciousness!


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