Kala Cotton Indigo and Ecru Fabric Sample Bundle


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Sometimes you need just a bit of extra special fabric and our Kala cotton Indigo and Ecru Fabric Sample Bundles neatly fit the bill.  We’ve created a bundle of 5 of our Kala cotton indigo fabrics along with the 3 dyeable ecru Kala cottons that are large enough to create a small project or use for future reference.  This is a great opportunity to sample all 8 of our Kala cotton offerings and experience firsthand the beauty of these handwoven and hand dyed fabrics.

Kala cotton is indigenous to India and grows with only rainfall in the arid Kachchh (Kutch) region of Gujurat.  The fiber is now being grown and used by local artisans to create yarns and fabrics and dyed with natural indigo.

Swatch sizes are approximate. Most swatches are approximately 11×8 inches with the 20s ecru fabric approximately 6×6 inches and the striped indigo swatch is about 4×4 inches.

The bundle includes 8 fabrics

  • Handwoven Indigo linen chambray
  • Handwoven medium weight indigo (yarn dyed)
  • Handwoven medium shade indigo 40s kala cotton
  • Handwoven light shade indigo 40s kala cotton
  • Handwoven indigo stripe (approximately the same weight as the 20s cotton)
  • Handwoven medium weight ecru kala cotton 20s
  • Handwoven lightweight ecru 40s kala cotton
  • Handwoven ultra lightweight ecru 200s cotton

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × .5 in


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