Kala Indigo Stripe Indigenous Cotton Fabric


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Sold by the 1/4 yard. 43″ wide.

Kala cotton is an indigenous varietal from Gujurat, India. It is one of 20 native varieties that once existed in India. The fiber fell out of favor over conventional GMO cotton. However, it was revitalized when growers realized that the plants require only rainfall and no irrigation with a high tolerance for disease and pests.

Today, Kala cotton is making a comeback and provides a livelihood to desert farmers in Kachchh (Kutch). The entire community is involved in raising the cotton, processing, spinning, weaving and dyeing the fabric. This fabric is dyed with an indigo fructose vat by artisans who supply fabric to the amazing fashion brand 11.11. We are proud to offer this organic, rainwater fed fabric and support the cooperatives who are producing it. These particular fabrics are dyed with indigo and are gorgeous.

Kala indigo stripe indigenous cotton fabric is a soft, thread-dyed handwoven fabric perfect for warmer weather. The fabric consists of hand dyed threads in a mid-tone indigo that alternates with natural ecru indigenous Kala cotton to create a striped fabric. Falling between a light and midweight thread cotton, the fabric is perfect for shirting, trousers and skirts. The wide stripe is fresh and modern.

The fabric is sold by the 1/4 yard and the fabric is 43″ wide. If you order 1/4 yard you will receive a piece of fabric that is 9 x 43″.

This fabric looks great with our handspun indigo fabric and indigo dyed 40s cotton in light and medium. It is approximately equal in weight to the handspun indigo or the 20s ecru cotton (on sale!) and is heavier than the 40s cotton. In the photo, the large roll is handspun indigo in medium blue and the smaller rolls are indigo dyed 40s cotton in medium and light blue.

Handwash these fabrics with like colors. Do not use bleach of any kind. Hang to dry.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 6 × 7 × .5 in


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