Kata Golda + Botanical Colors Lavender Pillows


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We put our heads together with the talented Alison Kaplan of Kata Golda and created these relaxing, lavender-stuffed pillows, hand-dyed in unique colors.  Alison stitched mystic and soothing motifs onto the pillows, then filled them with organic lavender and they are heavenly! This little pillow is ready to be out on display or tucked in wherever you want the sweet smell of lavender. Pillows are machine-stitched out of organic cotton/hemp and left with a frayed edge. Each small pillow is adorned with a hand-stitched design and filled entirely with organic Pacific Northwest lavender buds. Measures 4.5 x 4.5”.

The dyes used for these are lac, tannin and iron.  All natural dyes, non-vegetarian.


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