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Leigh Magar of Madame Magar is a textile artist and dressmaker. She started a “seed to stich” project growing indigo in Charleston, South Carolina. Her Indigo seeds (Indigofera suffructicosa) are from the original varieties native to the West Indies, Central America and West Africa. It is a distinctly different variety than the widely grown Persicaria tinctoria or “Japanese” indigo.

Each package contains about 100 seeds still in their banana-shaped pods. Crush to separate seeds before planting.

Note that this is a subtropical plant, appropriate for climates with hot, humid summers and mild winter areas. Outside of this growing area, you may need a hoop house or greenhouse.

Deb McClintock has a great series of posts about growing Indigofera suffructicosa and “Japanese” indigo (Persicaria tinctoria) outside of Austin, TX.  Check out her hints and tips!

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